Bathtub Replacement or Bathtub Liner: Which is better? | ReBath of Albany

Many of our customers wonder if they should remodel their bathroom with a bathtub replacement or a bathtub liner. The different scenarios for which each application can or should be used, can be confusing. To help those of you in the Capitol Region considering a bathroom remodel in the near future, here are a few points to help you decide between a liner and a replacement.

In most cases, a bathtub replacement is the way to go and in many cases, you actually don’t have a choice between the two.

Did you know that you should never put a bathtub liner over a fiberglass or steel tub? The weight of the liner alone will cause damages to a fiberglass or steel tub. Some contractors will actually line a steel tub and not tell you about the issues you may encounter later on. Those issues can include leaks and water between the two tubs.

Cast irons tubs or porcelain coated cast iron tubs are eligible for a bathtub liner, however there are some reasons you may not want to line your cast iron tub. For instance, if you have had a leak in the past and there is a possibility that the floor underneath your tub got wet or sustained damage, you do not want to line your tub. In this case, you should have the tub removed and a new subfloor should be installed.

Another important reason to replace your tub, instead of installing a bathtub liner is you know everything in that area will be brand new.

When you plan and save for a remodel in your home, doesn’t it make sense to do it right? Budgets can be tight when doing home repairs, but it is important to remember that cutting corners will only come back to haunt you later.

All that being said, there are a few cases when a bathtub liner may be beneficial.

First, you may really like the depth or shape of your current tub. Many cast iron tubs were made deeper than tubs are made today. Putting a liner over your tub for this reason makes sense.

Second, you may like how warm your cast iron tub keeps your bath water. Many people feel that their cast iron tub keeps the water warmer than a tub made from any other material.

Whether you chose to have your cast iron tub lined or replace your tub all together, make sure you hire a quality contractor or bathroom remodeling company to do the work.