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Bath time is often not a favorite for little ones. Getting them clean is often a task and a half. To help coax them into the bath, we have some inexpensive bath time ideas that will make your toddler want to jump right into the water.

Bath time Fun -ReBath of Albany

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Colorful Ice Cubes
A super easy and cheap idea, fill an old ice cube tray with water. Add a drop of food coloring to each slot and freeze. Pull out a few for each bath. Your toddler will enjoy chasing them around before they melt and he or she will love seeing what color the water turns.

Glow in the Dark Adventure
What could be more fun than playing with glow sticks and necklaces in the tub! Go to the dollar store and pick up some glow in the dark items like stars, glow sticks and glow necklaces. Once your kiddo is all clean, break out the glow items and have a glow party in the tub.

Paint with Colored Shaving Cream
Another use for the food coloring you purchased, colored shaving cream is easy and lots of fun. Besides your food coloring you will need containers, a can of shaving cream and a paint brush. A silicone muffin pan is easy to clean and will act as a pallet. Spray shaving cream into each section, add a drop of food coloring, mix it up and hand it over to your little artist.

Craft Foam is Great in the Tub
Craft foam is super cheap and can be a great two part project. Purchase a package of craft foam sheets at the dollar store or craft store. Have the kids create whatever characters, animals or objects they want. Then bring them to the tub for a swimming party.

Bath time fun - ReBath of Albany

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Puffy Paint for some Unusual Fun
There is nothing like puffy paint. The text and vibrant colors are enough to make even parents want to play with it. From the blog Chalkinmypocket, Puffy Paint can be created at home. You will need granulated soap, food coloring and hot water. Mix 1 cup of granulated soap, 1/2 teaspoon of food coloring and 3/4 hot water. Use your blender, food processor or mixer to get a thick and sticky consistency. A bit of foam is fine, but slowly add the water or else you’ll wind up with bubbles…and only bubbles. The 3/4 C of water is a suggestion, stop once you’ve got a thick but squishy texture. There are two options for mixing the color: plastic baggies or tupperware. Put the frosting tip in BEFORE you mix it if you are going to ziploc bag route.

Hopefully we gave you some good ideas for getting your little ones to enjoy bath time. Share your kids’ bath time fun ideas with us in the comments!