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Rebath System for Bathroom Remodeling in One Day

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What exactly is the ReBath System?

ReBath started by creating a revolutionary acrylic mold called DuraBath SSP, which could be installed over almost any old tub. Since the moldfit so well, it created a permanent seal guaranteed never to crack, peel or stain. Though we still offer this amazing product and consider it an option in some homes, we realized that homeowners often preferred to remove their old tub and walls completely. When done by a general contractor this process can take days, but ReBath measures and pre-orders all wall units, tubs, shower components and fixtures in advance, allowing us to be in and out of your home in just one day! Our installers specialize in the tub and shower area, giving them more experience than any regular contractor or handyman. All of ReBath’s acrylic systems are also manufactured from easy-to-clean, lustrous DuraBath SSP and come with a lifetime warranty.

What is a ReBath Bathtub?

ReBath’s customized bathtubs are made from our DuraBath SSP, which is durable, high-impact acrylic, approximately 1/4 inch in thickness. This material will not chip, peel, rust, crack or lose its shine. We guarantee its durability with a lifetime warranty. The smooth, non-porous, stain resistant, high gloss finish is also easy to clean.

Is it easy to clean and maintain?

Yes. ReBath products are quite easy to maintain because they are made from non-porous material, made to repel moisture. There are also very few grout lines throughout ReBath systems so you will not have to spend hours scrubbing.

Why is ReBath different from a typical contractor?

General contractors can be great. In fact, owner Frank Rafalik started out as a general contractor. Over the years, Frank realized that homeowners, who needed to remodel their bathrooms, were often conscious of two things: time and money. The ReBath system eliminates the concern for both issues better than any other option. During our initial in-home estimate (which is free), our expert estimator will measure your bathroom on the spot. Once you’ve chosen the ReBath system that is best for you, we can remove your old tub or shower system, replacing it with a new ReBath system in just one day, with no mess for you. Our exclusive systems and materials were developed with quality and lifetime efficiency in mind. Best of all, the ReBath system is often more cost efficient than using your neighborhood handyman.

I've seen other companies that do the acrylic molds. What's the ReBath difference?

While some companies just put their new acrylic product up over the old one, ReBath often takes your old tub and walls right down to the studs, replacing them with the exclusive ReBath tub and wall system, walk-in shower or even a walk-in tub. Of course, we also install acrylic liners when the type of bathroom requires it. Each and everytime, ReBath uses beautiful, high-impact acrylic, approximately 1/4 inch in thickness, which is guaranteed to never chip, peel, rust, crack or lose its shine. The smooth, water and stain resistant, high gloss finish is extremely easy to clean. And, while some companies only offer shades of white, with ReBath, you will get an incredible selection of colors and styles to choose from.

How long will my ReBath bathroom last?

ReBath, LLC warranties all Durabath SSP acrylic material for the life of your home.

Why is a ReBath bathroom less expensive than a typical remodel?

Because ReBath installs so many bathrooms every year, we’re able to purchase and produce materials for less. Our installers have been with us for many years and have seen just about everything. When an issue arises in the construction process, they know the best and least expensive way to fix it. These savings are always passed on to our customers. And because of our one day installation, overhead cost is kept to a minimum resulting in even greater savings.

How much does a ReBath system cost?

Customers ask this question over the phone all the time and honestly, it is hard to answer without being able to see your bathroom. We offer free in-home estimates, where our trained staff will provide you with the exact price, based on what you currently have in your bathroom and what colors and styles you choose to use in the remodel.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We are partnered with both Enerbank and Wells Fargo to provide our customers will easy financing. If you would like to apply for financing, our estimators can help you apply and find out your eligibility during your in-home estimate.

How do I know I can trust ReBath in my home?

Most of our employees have been with us many years, and ALL are certified and trained to be the very best. We absolutely guarantee that our estimators and installers will treat you and your home with the utmost respect. In fact, we have hundreds of comments from our customers stating that they couldn’t have imagined a better experience or better workers. We assure all of our customers that our installers will not leave your home in any state of disarray and they live up to that promise on every job.

How can ReBath help people with limited mobility due to age or injury?

We offer fantastic options for people with limited mobility. Converting your bathtub into a walk-in shower with built-in seat and safety bars is often the best way to limit potential slips and falls. We also specialize in barrier-free showers for easy wheelchair access and walk-in tubs (with and without soothing jets), allowing you the enjoyment of a relaxing bath without the dangers of climbing in and out of the tub. If safety is of great concern, please call and discuss your needs with one of our professionals. They’ll walk you through our many options and help choose the ReBath product that best suits your needs.

Since ReBath is a national company, will I be forgotten once I make a purchase?

While ReBath is a national company, ReBath of Albany is a local company with local employees. We’re your friends and neighbors and take our reputation for excellence seriously. Our team is always just a phone call away to answer any of your questions and we’re dedicated to your 100% satisfaction, during and after the sales & installation process. If you have questions about your ReBath system years after installation, we will still be glad to answer them.

Why not refinish, re-glaze or repaint my old bathtub?

The chemicals that are used to re-glaze bathtubs are messy, smelly, and can be toxic. They also can easily chip, crack, peel and fade. Repeat applications are necessary every one to three years due to cracking, peeling and discoloring. In our experience, customers don’t see any value in re-glazing their tub every other year and usually end up replacing it.

How are ReBath Wall Systems different from other wall kits?

Every ReBath wall system is custom manufactured from our lustrous Durabath SSP acrylic and installed with an exact fit. Do-it-yourself one-size-fits-all wall kits can be difficult to install and maintain and they are manufactured from inexpensive paper-thin material. Since they are not custom made for your bathroom, water can sometimes get behind it and cause mold to grow.

Who will do the installation and how long will it take?

Factory-trained franchises and their installers can typically complete remodel the tub or shower area in just one day. The ReBath system is ready for use the next day or sometimes even that night. If you are opting to have your entire bathroom remodeled, our installers can have your whole bathroom done in as little as two to three days.