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Double Bathroom Remodel Finished in Schoharie

Our installers had a busy week at one couple’s house in Schohaire completing two bathroom remodels.

The homeowners knew it was time to update the bathrooms in their home. The 4″ white tile on the walls had seen better days and had also gone out of style years ago. Tom and Carol saw ReBath of Albany at a home show this past spring and had decided to check out the showroom before having someone out for an estimate.

They were certainly glad they did! During their visit to the showroom in Clifton Park, they were able to pick out their vanities, flooring and all of the colors for their showers. When the estimator George came out to their house to measure and give the estimate, they basically knew what everything would look like.

A few weeks later, the installers arrived to start remodeling their bathrooms. Tom and Carol were thrilled to say good by the 4″ white tile that was impossible to clean. The installers arrived every day by 7:30 and worked late into the afternoon. In just four days, both the master bath and the guest bath were complete. Take a look at the gallery below to see how beautiful their new acrylic shower and and acrylic tub system turned out.



Tips for Cleaning Your Acrylic Shower System from ReBath

Our customer LOVE their easy to clean acrylic tub and shower system. Compared to scrubbing tile grout or dealing with old scratched fiberglass, ReBath’s acrylic wall systems, shower bases and tubs are much easier to clean and maintain. Although acrylic is easy to clean, these helpful tips will make your bathroom cleaning a breeze.

Wipe down the walls after the last shower of the day
The easiest way to make sure your ReBath system stays looking brand new is to wipe the shower down with a towel after the last shower of the day. If you choose a smooth, flat wall system, you can squeegee after the last use of the day. Both of these methods will keep soap scum from building up.

ReBath of Albany Acrylic Shower

ReBath of Albany’s acrylic tubs and showers are easy to clean.

Half bleach, half water will do wonders
Buy yourself a spray bottle and mix bleach and water. A solution of about 50/50 will do the trick. Spray this solution where the walls meet the tub or shower and where the walls meet each other. Let sit for a minute and then wipe down with a regular, nonabrasive sponge. The bleach will make sure that no mold can grow on top of leftover shampoo or soap. If you do this once a week, you will NEVER have a problem with moldy sealant.

Only use the products on our approved list
Acrylic is a great material when cared for properly. Make sure you only clean with the products on the list given to you at install. If you need a copy of the approved cleaners list, click here. Some of the products are more difficult to find than others. We find that Comet Bathroom Spray is easy to find and affordable. (You will want to dilute it before spraying it on your acrylic shower).

Remember, cleaning your ReBath bathtub or shower is important. Just like maintaining your car, you will want to keep up with cleaning your tub. Cleaning issues are not covered by the warranty.

If you have any questions about cleaning you ReBath acrylic tub or shower please give our office a call.

Slate Walk-in Shower Finished in Saratoga Springs

Our installers completed a stunning walk-in shower in Saratoga Springs last week. We thought the combination the homeowners chose was so beautiful we just had to share and tell their story.

Mr. and Mrs. J needed their worn our fiberglass tub removed and a walk-in shower installed. They did a lot of  research online and saw ReBath of Albany had a good reputation for this kind of work. They decided to visit the showroom in Clifton Park to check out all the options. They met with Lyndia and were very happy with the help they received. A few days later the estimator came to their home and they chose their dream shower.

Mrs. J fell in love with ReBath of Albany’s Terra Stone acrylic walls. She just couldn’t believe the material was acrylic because it looked so much like real stone. To nicely contrast the Terra Stone wall color, she chose the oil rubbed bronze shower door and faucet. The finishing touch was the clear shower door so she could see her new shower anytime she was in the bathroom!

The installers finished this job last Friday, right before the holiday weekend. The couple was so happy to be able to show off their new shower at their family’s barbecue.

Mrs. J called our office yesterday to tell us how happy she was with the install and how many of her family members will be calling for bathroom remodeling over the next year.

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. J for allowing ReBath of Albany to work in your home. We know there are many choices out there and we appreciate you giving us the opportunity. We are so glad you love your new shower.


Mirror vs Medicine Cabinet: Bathroom Remodel Trends

It’s a given that if you are looking to remodel your bathroom, you need to do your research. You must take a look at the latest trends, the timeless treasures and of course your own personal needs.

Many of our customers wonder weather they should go with a mirror or a medicine cabinet. For some homeowners this choice is easy based on their storage needs. For others, this will be a choice based on wants and trends.

If you are looking to keep up with the latest trends, a mirror is the way to go. Mirrors can be cut and designed to so many different shapes or framed with wood to match a vanity. They give the bathroom a more sleek, clean look than a medicine cabinet. When remodeling your bathroom, consider a vanity with lots of storage. This will ensure that you won’t miss the storage in your old medicine cabinet.

If storage is prime real estate in your bathroom, a medicine cabinet may be your only option. More modern looking medicine cabinets will provide you with storage, as well as fit right in with the new style of the room.

ReBath of Albany Medicine Cabinets

Modern looking medicine cabinets offer ample storage.

Hopefully we helped you form some idea of what kind of mirror you are looking for in your remodeled bathroom. For more bathroom remodeling ideas, visit our photo gallery.

Bathroom Plants & How to Care for Them

Our friends at ReBath Corporate posted another great blog and we wanted to share it with our readers.

Best Bathroom Plants

Aloe Vera

Aloe Bathroom Plants

Though not the prettiest plant, Aloe Vera is incredibly useful because the plant’s gel has healing properties. After washing a cut or burn, slice open one of the thick leaves, and apply the gooey gel to your injury for a soothing, natural ointment.

As a bonus, this little succulent is easy to care for, making it a great choice for bathroom plants. To keep it vibrant and healthy, set it in a windowsill and water on occasion. If your your Aloe starts turning brown, move it to a cooler location that receives less direct sun.

Cast Iron Plant

Looking for a hardy bathroom plant that can handle any level of gardener? The Cast Iron Plant, also known as Aspidistra, tolerates neglect, over-watering, and a wide variety of temperatures. To keep the plant healthy, let the soil dry between each watering.


A variety of ferns can thrive well in the bathroom, including Boston, Asparagus, Staghorn, and Bird’s Nest. Due to the fern’s natural habitat as undergrowth in humid tropical forests, the low-light, moist, warm bathroom environment is ideal for them.


Orchids are a beautiful plant that can add a splash of color to your bathroom. However, some people find the Orchid difficult to maintain. For best results, set in a windowsill lit by indirect light, and water with a couple ice cubes every other day.

Orchid Bathroom Plants

Peace Lily

Peace Lilys love indirect sunlight and moist (not drenched!) soil. They require little maintenance and add beauty to the bathroom. These larger plants look lovely in a decorative pot or basket placed on a shelf or the floor.


This leafy plant is very adaptable to a variety of conditions, but prefers indirect light, and regular watering. If you find your Philodendron leaves regularly wilting and turning yellow, your plant is getting too much light. Contrarily, if stems become long and spindly with wide spaced leaves, give it more sunlight.


Though often confused with Philodendron, the Pothos is a different, smaller plant that looks particularly elegant in hanging baskets where its long trailing vines can elegantly drape. Easy to care for, especially for a beginner, Pothos, can grow entirely in water with no soil. Or, if potted, the plant can handle small periods of dry soil between watering.

Be aware that Pothos is toxic if ingested. This plant is not recommended for households with curious children or pets.

BambooBamboo Bathroom Plants

Bamboo, whether straight or spiraling, adds a beautiful and elegant feeling to any room, but because they require only water and indirect sunlight to survive, they are well suited as bathroom plants. Because they don’t need soil, you can place them in any number of decorative vases, though a clear one is best so you can keep an eye on the water levels. Additionally, clear vases allow for additional decorations, such as a base of pebbles or glass stones.

Snake Plant

Also known as “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” and “Sansevieria”, the Snake Plant requires little to thrive. In addition, it is adept at purifying the air, particularly formaldehyde, which is common in cleaning products, toilet papers, and tissues. This larger plant looks great in a large, decorative pot, placed on the floor near a light source.

Spider Plant

Like the Snake Plant, the Spider Plant is adept at cleaning formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. Set this grassy little plant in a windowsill and water twice a week.

ZZ Plant

Zamioculas zamiifolia, is probably the easiest plant to care for, and is often mistaken for a fake plant because they require so little light. ZZ Plants can even survive on only fluorescent lights in a windowless bathroom. If you are a forgetful gardener, this plant is perfect for you, as the ZZ actually perform best when left alone and watered only on occasion.

Bathroom Paint Color Recommendations

It’s time to paint your bathroom. Maybe you have just finished remodeling your bathroom and just need to finish the project with new paint or you want to spruce up the room with a new color. Choosing paint color can be tricky business. Chose the wrong color and your bathroom can feel even smaller than it is. Chose the right color and your bathroom can quickly become your favorite room in the house! Here are some tips to help you chose the right color.

ReBath Tivoli Travertine

ReBath’s Tivoli Travertine acrylic wall surround looks great with tan paint.

Stick with the same color palette
Many people make the mistake of choosing a color that contrasts their tile or bathroom surround color. This is a mistake. If you stick to the same color palette and tone, your bathroom with have a seamless look. For example, if you chose ReBath’s Tivoli Travertine, your walls should be in the beige family. We know you are thinking, ‘how boring’. Want to add some color? Add a splash of your personality with colorful rugs, towels and other accessories. You can always switch these out when you get tired of them (a lot easier than painting every few months).

Light colors are the way to go
Most bathrooms range from small to tiny. Don’t make the room feel even smaller, or worse like a cave, by choosing a dark paint color. A lighter color will make the room feel even larger than it is. Light and brightly colored walls are more reflective, making any space feel open and airy. Additionally, light colors help augment the effect of natural light ( Tan, beige, light gray and light blue, green or yellow are great choices for an open airy room.

ReBath of Albany Bathroom Paint tips

Photo credit:

Match the tile color and wall color
This one can be a little tricky, but totally worth it. After your bathroom is remodeled, chose a color that you love in your tile or wall surround. Take a piece with you to the paint store and find something as close as possible. This will make your bathroom look like a well thought out room.

Paint the ceiling and walls the same color
One way to give the illusion that your bathroom is bigger is to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. This illusion only works if you are choosing a bright color to start with. Painting your ceiling a dark color will make it feel like it is closing in on you.


Spring Bathroom Remodeling Trends

With spring blossoms shyly poking out of the ground, and the ambiance of new beginnings in the air, everyone gets a little bit of spring fever and looks for ways to clean or renovate their homes. When you get that spring remodeling fever, don’t forget to consider a bathroom remodel and some of these fun trends. This blog was written by

Bathroom Remodel Trends


Bold Bathroom Trends

It’s time to make a statement, and you can do it in any variety of ways. One of the most popular is a big, stand alone tub acting as the bathroom’s majestic centerpiece.

Attached to your walk in shower? Not a problem. Go bold with other exciting elements, such as bright patterned wallpapers, expressive 3D tile, or even your choice of paint. Sleek black and white bathrooms, or even shades of gray, provide beautiful and sharp contrast to colorful towels and other bathroom decor.


No one likes a dark and cramped bathroom. This spring, open up your bathroom with walk-in shower, glass shower doors, or floating vanities. Really looking for open space in your bathroom? Consider open cabinet shelves (just remember to dust!).

Walk In Shower Bathroom Trends

Trough Sinks

Don’t let the name mislead you. A trough sink isn’t actually an old refurbished trough. Instead, a trough sink is a single sink that is as wide as a double sink. Available in a variety of styles, widths, and depths, these sinks make it possible for two people to get ready at the same time, or to hand wash those winter sweaters before putting them away for several months!  This is one of the most useful bathroom trends!

Ease of Use

We all like features that are easy to use, but in the bathroom, it’s particularly popular to look ahead to the future. Age in your home with grace, consider the many benefits of installing walk-in tubs, walk-in showers and/or shower seats. All of these features ensure that you, or the elderly you help care for, can easily and efficiently take care of themselves with dignity and ease.

Safety Features

Safety is always popular. Do you need to install grab handles in your shower or tub for your children, or an elderly member of your family? We got you covered. We can also design custom shower stalls with a curb-free entry that allows those in wheelchairs to easily navigate the shower. This design is also beneficial to those who are aging in their homes and run the risk of tripping while transitioning in or out of the shower.


Nothing is more relaxing than taking a long hot soak in the tub or shower while listening to music. If you are updating your bathroom, perhaps it’s time to install some new technology, such as shower speakers, unique LED bathtub lighting, or a touchscreen tap.


Plants are always popular in the bathroom because they inspire a feeling of fresh air, and sunny days. Learn which types of low-light plants are easiest to care for, and best for your bathroom.

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Bathtub Replacement or Bathtub Liner: Which is better?

Many of our customers wonder if they should remodel their bathroom with a bathtub replacement or a bathtub liner. The different scenarios for which each application can or should be used, can be confusing. To help those of you in the Capitol Region considering a bathroom remodel in the near future, here are a few points to help you decide between a liner and a replacement.

In most cases, a bathtub replacement is the way to go and in many cases, you actually don’t have a choice between the two.

Did you know that you should never put a bathtub liner over a fiberglass or steel tub? The weight of the liner alone will cause damages to a fiberglass or steel tub. Some contractors will actually line a steel tub and not tell you about the issues you may encounter later on. Those issues can include leaks and water between the two tubs.

Cast irons tubs or porcelain coated cast iron tubs are eligible for a bathtub liner, however there are some reasons you may not want to line your cast iron tub. For instance, if you have had a leak in the past and there is a possibility that the floor underneath your tub got wet or sustained damage, you do not want to line your tub. In this case, you should have the tub removed and a new subfloor should be installed.

Another important reason to replace your tub, instead of installing a bathtub liner is you know everything in that area will be brand new.

When you plan and save for a remodel in your home, doesn’t it make sense to do it right? Budgets can be tight when doing home repairs, but it is important to remember that cutting corners will only come back to haunt you later.

All that being said, there are a few cases when a bathtub liner may be beneficial.

First, you may really like the depth or shape of your current tub. Many cast iron tubs were made deeper than tubs are made today. Putting a liner over your tub for this reason makes sense.

Second, you may like how warm your cast iron tub keeps your bath water. Many people feel that their cast iron tub keeps the water warmer than a tub made from any other material.

Whether you chose to have your cast iron tub lined or replace your tub all together, make sure you hire a quality contractor or bathroom remodeling company to do the work.

Beautiful Acrylic Walk-in Shower Complete in Albany

Our installers made one homeowner a very happy lady at the beginning of this week. They installed her beautiful acrylic walk-in shower in just one day. Here is her story.

Susan visited the ReBath of Albany showroom in Clifton Park a few weeks ago. Her dilemma was a large fiberglass whirlpool tub that was keeping her from safely bathing. She met with Frank in the showroom and described the situation. Right away he knew what she needed: a walk-in shower with strategically placed grab bars. She spoke with Frank for nearly an hour and was convinced his company could give her exactly what she needed.

The estimator George visited Susan in her Albany home the next day. What he saw was a very large, very deep whirlpool tub. Susan described her struggles with getting in and out of the tub and told him that she would be having knee surgery in three weeks. She knew that she wouldn’t be able get in the tub once her surgery was done.

George answered all of her questions and put her concerns to ease. Then came the fun part: picking out the colors and styles for her new shower. Susan chose ReBath’s newest color: White Calcutta. She thought it was really brighten up the space.

Before George let, he assured her that they would install her shower as soon as possible.

Two weeks to the day, the installation crew arrived at Susan’s house and got right to work. They tore out the whirlpool tub, capped off the electric and began updating the plumbing. Before they finished behind the walls, one of the installers asked Susan to come in and point out exactly where she would like the grab bars.

Around 3pm, the installers brought Susan in to her bathroom. She was so happy with her new shower, she almost cried! It was exactly what she needed and she got it just in time for her surgery. She called the office yesterday to thank the staff and let them know what a wonderful job they did.

Here are some photos of Susan’s new shower. She said when she gets back on her feet, she will be calling us back to remodel the rest of the bathroom.

Inexpensive Bath Time Fun for the Kids

Bath time is often not a favorite for little ones. Getting them clean is often a task and a half. To help coax them into the bath, we have some inexpensive bath time ideas that will make your toddler want to jump right into the water.

Bath time Fun -ReBath of Albany

Photo credit:

Colorful Ice Cubes
A super easy and cheap idea, fill an old ice cube tray with water. Add a drop of food coloring to each slot and freeze. Pull out a few for each bath. Your toddler will enjoy chasing them around before they melt and he or she will love seeing what color the water turns.

Glow in the Dark Adventure
What could be more fun than playing with glow sticks and necklaces in the tub! Go to the dollar store and pick up some glow in the dark items like stars, glow sticks and glow necklaces. Once your kiddo is all clean, break out the glow items and have a glow party in the tub.

Paint with Colored Shaving Cream
Another use for the food coloring you purchased, colored shaving cream is easy and lots of fun. Besides your food coloring you will need containers, a can of shaving cream and a paint brush. A silicone muffin pan is easy to clean and will act as a pallet. Spray shaving cream into each section, add a drop of food coloring, mix it up and hand it over to your little artist.

Craft Foam is Great in the Tub
Craft foam is super cheap and can be a great two part project. Purchase a package of craft foam sheets at the dollar store or craft store. Have the kids create whatever characters, animals or objects they want. Then bring them to the tub for a swimming party.

Bath time fun - ReBath of Albany

Photo credit:

Puffy Paint for some Unusual Fun
There is nothing like puffy paint. The text and vibrant colors are enough to make even parents want to play with it. From the blog Chalkinmypocket, Puffy Paint can be created at home. You will need granulated soap, food coloring and hot water. Mix 1 cup of granulated soap, 1/2 teaspoon of food coloring and 3/4 hot water. Use your blender, food processor or mixer to get a thick and sticky consistency. A bit of foam is fine, but slowly add the water or else you’ll wind up with bubbles…and only bubbles. The 3/4 C of water is a suggestion, stop once you’ve got a thick but squishy texture. There are two options for mixing the color: plastic baggies or tupperware. Put the frosting tip in BEFORE you mix it if you are going to ziploc bag route.

Hopefully we gave you some good ideas for getting your little ones to enjoy bath time. Share your kids’ bath time fun ideas with us in the comments!