Tips for Cleaning Your Acrylic Shower System from ReBath | ReBath of Albany

Our customer LOVE their easy to clean acrylic tub and shower system. Compared to scrubbing tile grout or dealing with old scratched fiberglass, ReBath’s acrylic wall systems, shower bases and tubs are much easier to clean and maintain. Although acrylic is easy to clean, these helpful tips will make your bathroom cleaning a breeze.

Wipe down the walls after the last shower of the day
The easiest way to make sure your ReBath system stays looking brand new is to wipe the shower down with a towel after the last shower of the day. If you choose a smooth, flat wall system, you can squeegee after the last use of the day. Both of these methods will keep soap scum from building up.

ReBath of Albany Acrylic Shower

ReBath of Albany’s acrylic tubs and showers are easy to clean.

Half bleach, half water will do wonders
Buy yourself a spray bottle and mix bleach and water. A solution of about 50/50 will do the trick. Spray this solution where the walls meet the tub or shower and where the walls meet each other. Let sit for a minute and then wipe down with a regular, nonabrasive sponge. The bleach will make sure that no mold can grow on top of leftover shampoo or soap. If you do this once a week, you will NEVER have a problem with moldy sealant.

Only use the products on our approved list
Acrylic is a great material when cared for properly. Make sure you only clean with the products on the list given to you at install. If you need a copy of the approved cleaners list, click here. Some of the products are more difficult to find than others. We find that Comet Bathroom Spray is easy to find and affordable. (You will want to dilute it before spraying it on your acrylic shower).

Remember, cleaning your ReBath bathtub or shower is important. Just like maintaining your car, you will want to keep up with cleaning your tub. Cleaning issues are not covered by the warranty.

If you have any questions about cleaning you ReBath acrylic tub or shower please give our office a call.